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Online Distance Education

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Why TSTC Online?

If you’ve been thinking about getting a degree but are faced with family commitments, a full-time work schedule or unreliable transportation, then Texas State Technical College’s Online learning might be right for you. 

All you need is motivation, a computer and internet access. Earn your degree anytime, anywhere.

TSTC Online degrees and certificates are just as valuable as degrees in face-to-face programs. The difference? Through TSTC Online, eighty-five to one hundred percent of your instruction and coursework will be completed online through TSTC’s learning management system.  

Depending on your program of choice, there may be proctored testing, clinicals, or practicums that will require your physical presence.  

TSTC Online hosts a growing number of degrees that can be completed entirely online. Among the 100 percent online programs currently offered:

TSTC also offers a number of Hybrid Degrees. These degrees allow you to complete between 50 to 85 percent of your coursework online and the remainder of courses needed for degree completion are taken at a TSTC location near you. Many traditional students taking face-to-face classes often choose to take online courses just for the convenience of it. TSTC offers more than 100 courses online each semester.

For a complete listing of degrees, the percentages offered online, and the host locations, click here to view the TSTC Online Learning Office Google Site.


TSTC Online Benefits:  

Quality: TSTC Online programs and courses are equally valued as the accredited quality curriculum offered at our face-to-face classes on TSTC campuses.   

Intentional Course Design: Courses in TSTC Online awards are designed and taught by faculty who are subject-matter experts in their fields and who have relevant real-world experience. Design for online courses is assisted by experienced instructional designers who ensure quality development for the online environment. 

Affordability:  TSTC ranks as one of the most affordable technical institutions in Texas. TSTC Online awards cost the same as face-to-face classroom instruction for Texas residents. The only other additional potential charges incurred in TSTC Online courses may be for proctored exams. 

Faculty-facilitated courses: Our TSTC Online faculty are active members in online courses and are always an email or phone call away. They are committed to support your success on this journey. 

Flexibility & Convenience: While you will still have deadlines, you can complete most coursework at your convenience. That might be in the evenings when you come home from work, early mornings before you go to the office or on weekends when you are lounging around in your pajamas.  

Student support: As online students you will have the same support as TSTC’s traditional students. Services include Learning Resource Centers, bookstores, registration, testing, tutoring, advisement, support services, and financial aid. Distance education students are provided these services via a variety of delivery methods including but not limited to, links on web and/or portal pages, links on the College website, email, links embedded within courses, and the telephone.  

For more information about TSTC Online expectations and requirements visit our: Frequently Asked Questions


Important Online Student Information:

Student Identity: All Texas State Technical College online courses must utilize processes that verify your identity as a student enrolled in our online courses. These processes include the use of a secure login and password to access online courses hosted on our Moodle Learning Management System and the use of proctored exams in some online courses. It is the student’s responsibility to safeguard their username and password.  It is a violation of the TSTC Student code of Conduct to share or use another student’s password. This information can be found within the TSTC College Catalog and Student Handbook.

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA): TSTC is a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA).  This means that TSTC can offer online courses and programs to residents in all states that are also SARA members.  Individual colleges in these states must also be SARA members. 

Please be advised that certain online programs, which include internships, practicums, or other experiential requirements, may require additional State Authorization requirements. Check with the appropriate licensing or professional organization before you enroll in these types of programs to be sure that the TSTC course credits will be accepted.

Complaint resolution for TSTC students enrolled in online courses while residing outside of Texas are as follows: 

  • The first step is to follow student complaint procedures on the course syllabus with the instructor and program leadership. 
  • If the issue is not resolved, students may click here to find the representative for their campus. 
  • Complaints against a SARA-participating institution must first go through the institution's grievance procedures. All complaints regarding student grades or conduct violations are governed by the institution and the laws of the institution's home state. 
If a student is not satisfied with the outcome of the institutional grievance process, the student may appeal, within two years of the incident, to the SARA portal agency of the institution's home state. For all complaints regarding Texas degree-granting postsecondary institutions participating in SARA, complete the Student Complaint and Release Form and email the form to

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