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TSTC Online FAQs

What is online learning?

Online Learning refers to classes in which you and the instructor are in separate locations. Instruction does not take place in a physical classroom but instead occurs through TSTC’s learning management system.


What can I expect in an online course?  

Online courses are typically set up in units or modules with assignments due by the end of the assigned week. Readings may be provided within the course or assigned from a textbook. Instruction may be provided in video format or a combination of video, reading, interactives, and self-check activities.


Is TSTC Online right for you?

A complete online program has many advantages, including flexibility in completing homework assignments, the ability to communicate with your classmates and your instructor from the convenience of your own home or workplace. But, online courses are not easier than face-to-face courses and require just as much of a time commitment.


What are some basic characteristics of successful online learners?

The most successful online learners:


How do I know what classes are online or hybrid when registering?

All TSTC online courses are designated by a “Z” in the section number whereas all hybrid courses have a “Y” in the section number.


What are the requirements for taking an online learning course?

The same pre-requisites (if applicable) apply for online courses as for face-to-face courses. The only difference is that if you haven’t successfully passed a TSTC online learning course with a grade of "C" or better, you must concurrently enroll in the Student Online Learning Orientation (SOLO 0100) when you register for your online course.  


Is the application process different for online awards?

No. All standard TSTC enrollment procedures apply. First apply to the college and satisfy college admissions requirements. For information click here to visit our Admissions page.


What support is available for TSTC Online students?

Regardless of class format, students have adequate access appropriate services to support their learning. Services shall include, but are not limited to, Learning Resource Centers, bookstores, registration, testing, tutoring, advisement, support services, and financial aid. Distance education students are provided these services via a variety of delivery methods including but not limited to, links on web and/or portal pages, links on the College website, email, links embedded within courses, and the telephone. 

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