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Photo of mechanical drive system used in industry.

Mechanical Systems / Mechanical Drives / Power Transmission


After successful completion trainees will understand the terminology associated with gears. Training also includes:

  • Identify the different types of gear arrangements
  • Identify common causes of gear failure
  • Replace the gears on equipment
  • Identify the different types of couplings and their usage
  • Describe the purpose of the chain drive
  • Describe the three basic functions of the chain
  • Describe the principle of operation of the chain drive
  • Describe the effects of the incorrect chain tension
  • Describe the procedure for aligning the shaft and sprocket
  • Describe the construction of the common chain styles
  • Remove and replace chain on equipment
  • Describe the purpose of the belt drive
  • List the factors affecting the selection of the belt
  • Describe the advantages of the belt drive
  • Describe the disadvantages of the belt drive
  • Describe the proper technique for belt tension
  • Describe the different flat belt pulleys used
  • Describe the method for checking belt alignment
  • Understand the purpose of motors and drives in the power transmission system.
  • Remove and replace gearbox on equipment
  • Identify the various methods of clutch / brake engagement
  • Identify the various types of clutches and brakes
  • Explain how to properly install a clutch / brake and perform maintenance
  • Remove and replace motors and clutches on equipment
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