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Texas State Technical College (TSTC) Course Title:  TSTC FAST Trac Airframe Program

WECM Course Title:  TSTC FAST Trac Airframe Program

WECM Course Rubric Number/CIP Code:  XXXX-xxxx / 47.0607

Course Hours:  100 course hours (General-40/Airframe-60)

Course Description and Objectives: Study of Federal Aviation Administration subject matter in the General and Airframe curricula with a focus on building knowledge of new materials, techniques and physical skills. This training is designed to provide the knowledge and skills not provided by civilian or military training and experience that are required to obtain the civilian Aviation Maintenance Technician certificate. Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Weigh aircraft, perform weight-and-balance check, and record data and information derived from the weight and balance check.
  • Write descriptions of work performed including aircraft discrepancies corrective actions using typical aircraft maintenance records and required maintenance forms, records and inspection reports.
  • Apply information contained in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and manufacturers' aircraft maintenance specifications, data sheets, manuals and publications and related Federal Aviation Regulations, Airworthiness Directives and Advisory material.
  • Analyze technical data and exercise mechanic privileges within the prescribed limitations.
  • Perform precision measurement procedures; identify and select non-destructive testing methods; perform non-destructive testing and heat treating procedures; identify and select aircraft hardware and materials; fabricate and install fluid lines and fittings; and inspect welds.
  • Identify principles of basic aerodynamics; identify design principles of aircraft structures; and describe the theory of flight.
  • Start, ground operate, move, service and secure aircraft; identify typical ground operation hazards and safety; inspect, identify, remove and treat aircraft corrosion.
  • Calculate and measure electrical power, voltage, current, resistance and continuity; determine the relationship of voltage, current and resistance in electrical circuits; interpret aircraft electrical circuit diagrams including solid states devices and logic functions; inspect and service batteries.
  • Repair and inspect aircraft electrical systems components; install, check and service airframe electrical wiring, controls, switches, indicators and protective devices; inspect, check, troubleshoot, service and repair alternating and direct current electrical systems.
  • Inspect, check, troubleshoot, service and repair heating, cooling, air conditioning, oxygen and pressurization systems and air cycle machines, airframe ice and rain control systems, smoke and carbon monoxide detection systems and aircraft fire detection and extinguishing systems.
  • Inspect, check, service, troubleshoot and repair aircraft fuel and management systems, fuel quantity-indicating systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and identify and select hydraulic fluids.
  • Inspect, service and repair landing gear, retraction systems, shock struts, brakes, wheels, tires and steering systems and service landing gear systems.
  • Select, install and remove special fasteners for metallic structures; inspect and repair sheet metal structures; install conventional rivets; form, lay out and bend sheet metal.
  • Perform airframe conformity and airworthiness inspections.
  • Rig fixed-wing aircraft; balance, rig and inspect movable primary and secondary flight control surfaces and jack aircraft.

Prerequisites:  FAA authorization to take General and Airframe written, oral and practical examinations.

Certification (Y/N):  No

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