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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


How much does this course cost?

The TSTC FAST Trac Associate Electronic Technician (CETa) course costs $2,600.  This cost covers everything from tools, materials, equipment and testing fees.

Do I need to bring my own tools or supplies?

No.  We supply tools, flash drives and any other supplies necessary for the class.

How long is the class?

Each evening class is 5 weeks long for a total of 88 hours of training.

When is the class held?

Classes are currently held Monday through Friday, 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

When does the next class start?

February - March

April – May

June – July

August – September

October – November

December - January

Currently, we offer the TSTC FAST Trac Associate Electronic Technician (CETa) class six times per year:

Additional classes, including hybrid classes, will be announced soon.

Where is the class held?

Abilene Campus at the T&P Depot, 901 N. 1st St,

Marshall Campus at 2650 East End Blvd,

Waco Campus at the TSTC Hangar, 3801 Campus Dr.

I am in the military and would like to know if I can use my benefits to pay for the class?

Yes. Currently, we accept the following methods of payment:

AFCOOL funds: Please talk with your N.C.O.I.C. to make sure that your experience and knowledge meet the guidelines for your career path. AFCOOL will provide up to $4,500 lifetime to cover the cost of the class and is designed for active duty service members in the Air Force.

Skills Transition Funds: This is a new source of funds that is provided through West Texas Workforce Solutions. This program provides $2,000 to cover the cost of the class. It is designed specifically for active duty service members that are within 180 days of separation from the military or up to 180 days after separation for veterans.

Can I use my Hazelwood or GI Bill funds?             

Currently, this program is not authorized to receive VA funding. However, you may still use your AF COOL funds (active duty) as well as Skills Transition Funds (Within 180 days of separation date OR within 180 days after separation date).

When can I apply for my AF COOL Funds?

Once you have secured the necessary approval for your career path from your OIC, you will need to:


  1. Using the AF COOL website, you will need fill out your application and set your funding request to “exam”,
  2. TSTC Workforce Development will provide you an invoice.  It is your responsibility to upload the invoice through the AF COOL portal.
  3. You will be notified once AF COOL as processed your request.  At that point, your seat will be reserved for the upcoming class.


What if my separation date happens during the class?

You will not be eligible for AF COOL funds. Your separation must occur 180 days after the end of class date.

If I fail my exam, can I make it up?

Yes.  However, the course cost for the class includes only the first attempt at the exam.  All exams that you need to re-take must be paid for by you.

Who can I talk to at TSTC to find out more information?

Contact: Teresa Adames
Project Coordinator
(325) 672-8236

Texas State Technical College 3801 Campus Drive Waco, Texas 76705 254-799-3611
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