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Vocational Nursing (Harlingen Campus)

Program Requirements 


ATI TEAS Exam Information


Upon being accepted into the program Non-Progression Policies

Non-Progression Policy: Grading-

Non-Progression Policy: Grading-Students scoring less than 80% ( B) As a final course average on Nursing courses will not progress to the next level or graduate the program. Should a student fail a course, student will be required to reapply and repeat the program in FULL. If students fail more than one course with less than an 80% they will be dismissed from the program. Readmission to the TSTC VN program will not be allowed in this case.


Non-Progression Policy- Math Competency

Non-Progression Policy-Math Competency - A math medication dosage calculation competency must be passed, after being graded on a Pass/Fail, in order to progress to the next level. A math competency will be given in each level. The students will be given a maximum of three attempts in level one and two. And Level three will have a maximum attempt of five. Failure to pass math competencies within the maximum number of attempts will result in the student NOT being able to progress to the next semester. Should a student not pass a competency in math the student will be not progress to the next semester and will be required to reapply and repeat the program in FULL. (also, refer to grading policy for readmission) NO Calculators are allowed for any of the math competencies in level one and two. Calculators will be used in level three Pediatrics math competency.


Non-Progression Policy- Attendance and Absences.

Vocational Nursing Program


Clinical                    Absences: A Doctor’s Excuse is required to get a make up assignment which will be graded and then 15 points deducted.  Below are the maximum allowed clinical hours without a medical excuse.

                                Semester 1            12 Hours- No more than 3 Clinical days

                                Semester 2            18 hours-No more than 3 clinical days

                                Semester 3            18 hours- No more than 3 clinical days


                                Tardy: Any arrival 30 minutes past scheduled time will count as a full day absence.  Student will not be allowed to remain in the clinical area.

                                Example:  Clinical Time 6:45 a.m.  Tardy 6:45 to 7:15 a.m.  Absent if arrival is after 7:15, 3 tardies make up one absent day. No makeup work will be allowed with an absence related to tardies.

Classroom             Absences: No more than 3 calendar days per semester.

                                Repeatedly leaving the classroom will not be tolerated and may result in an absence.

                                You must email your designated instructor if you are going to be absent.

                                Tardy:  Any arrival to class 30 minutes past the scheduled class time will be counted as 1 full day's absence.                                      The student may be allowed to remain in class for that day. No half-day absences are allowed.  3 Tardies = 1                                      absence


If a student is absent from clinical, the student must contact the designated instructor via email.  In order to receive a makeup assignment, the student must provide the instructor with a doctor’s excuse (for self or child) or other form of documentation of absence (ex: picture of flood waters, car accident, flat tire with receipt for tire, etc.) upon return to class. The assignment will be graded and a 15 point deduction will be given. Makeup assignments will not be given for failure to plan ahead (ex: no child care, waking up late)



Application Process

    1. Apply for general acceptance to Texas State Technical College Harlingen by submission of Admission Application. Applicants may click here to apply.

    2. Request official sealed copy of your high school transcript or your GED diploma to the Admissions and Records Office. If you received your GED in Texas and need an official diploma, call the Texas Education Agency (TEA) at 512-463-9292 to obtain one. 

    3. Submit an official college transcript from all previously attended colleges to the New Student Admissions Office. The college transcript(s) must be an official transcript - imprinted with the college's seal and delivered in a sealed envelope.

    4. Application dates will vary semester to semester.  See portal for current dates.  No late application will be accepted.

      Complete financial aid application. (We recommend that you apply at least four months prior to registration.) If you are applying for federal financial aid, complete the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA) for the Pell Grant and other financial aid and submit it to the federal processor. Complete the TSTC Harlingen Financial Aid Office Application and return it to the Financial Aid Office. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information on other grants, scholarships, student loans or sponsoring agencies such as WIA or DARS. Veterans wanting to use their VA benefits should contact their local VA Certification Officer on campus. The "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" can be found at FAFSA 

      In the Fall 2013 semester, the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment established new college readiness standards for incoming students. The TSI Assessment is designed to help determine if students are ready for college-level coursework in the general areas of Reading, Writing and Math. If the student does not meet testing requirements, the assessment will also help with student placement in courses that will aid in the preparation of student skills for college-level classes. For questions please call 956-364-4997 or  /financialaid.

    5. Students not TSI complete will be required to take remedial courses while taking Vocational Nursing courses. Student must be TSI complete PRIOR to graduation.

  1. Prerequisite courses must be completed prior to program application: 
    1.  BIOL 1322-Nutrition    
    2. HITT 1305-Medical Terminology    
    3. BIOL 2401-Anatomy and Physiology I 
      or BIOL 2301/ BIOL 2101    
    4. BIOL 2402-Anatomy and Physiology II 
      or BIOL 2302/ BIOL 2102

  2. Applicants to the VN Program must take the TEAS ( Test of Essential Academic Skills) Entrance Exam, consisting of four sections; reading, math, science and english.  Information about the TEAS Study Guide Version 6.0 can be found at . The composite score will be used within the selection criteria with additional points for GPA and any previous achievements related to nursing education.

  3. The TEAS is a computerized test available through the TSTC-HARLINGEN Testing Center. Register on-line by clicking on date link. The total cost is $90 which includes a test fee of $65 paid online and a $25 proctoring fee paid at the Cashier Window. You must have your receipt from the Business Office, a valid credit card to pay for the exam and a picture ID at the time of the test.  TEST CAN ONLY BE TAKEN ONE TIME PER APPLICATION PROCESS. SEATS ARE LIMITED, REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.  

    TEAS V Minimum scores required to apply to The Vocational Nursing Program are as Follows:

    Math: 50           Reading: 50      Science: 40       English: 50

  4. A typed essay which must include the following: explanation of desire to be a nurse; the steps taken to make sure the one-year commitment to the Vocational Nursing Program can be fulfilled; where this education will lead over the next 10 years. Also include academic record from high school and/or college; hobbies and volunteer work. 

  5. Courses to be considered for admission must be presented on a submitted official sealed college transcript. Courses which are not identical with the catalog listing of courses or equivalent in the common course numbering system require a request for substitution form to be filled out and submitted to Admissions with college application.

  6. Submit complete VN Application Packet to the Allied Health Department Secretary’s Tanya Villarreal via online submission at

  7. Applicants will be evaluated on an admission rating scale consisting of TEAS score, GPA, and  Nurse Assistant certification. The rankings will be submitted to the Admissions Committee for consideration as a component of the total admission criteria.

  8. The selected applicants will be admitted pending proof of physical and mental health on a physical examination taken and completed by the beginning of teh program. Immunizations must be current and the Hepatitis A & B series must be completed by the beginning of the program.

  9. Criminal background checks are required for students involved directly with clients in clinical facilities and by the Texas Board of Nursing for licensure.  To pass the nursing courses involved in this program you must complete clinical rotations at these sites.  If you refuse or for any reason cannot complete this background check, or as a result of the information gathered in this check, you will be refused access to a clinical facility, thereby ineligible for clinical participation; you will be dismissed from the program due to inability to meet clinical objectives. Information on the procedure for obtaining a CBC and fingerprinting will be given to the accepted students. This information will be sent via email. Must use a valid email address that you have access to. This will be used to submit your information to The Texas Board of Nursing.


  11. Employment at many healthcare facilities and agencies require mandatory drug screening. Vocational Nursing students may be required to undergo a random drug screen prior to beginning clinical experiences and at any point during the program at the discretion of the Program Director and/or Instructor.  Failure to take or pass this drug test will result in inability to complete required clinical rotations. 

  12. Limited numbers of students are accepted to this program.  The admission rating scale and application packet criteria will be used to determine acceptance.  All candidates will be notified in writing regarding admission status.

  13. Applicants will be evaluated on an admission rating scale consisting of TEAS score, GPA, and achievements related to nursing education, See application for clarification.  The rankings will be submitted to the Admissions Committee for consideration as a component of the total admission criteria.

  14. Some students not selected will be notified that they are alternates.  Students on the alternate list may be admitted if space becomes available.

  15. Eligible applicants will be notified of the date to attend Both MANDATORY ORIENTATIONS. Those applicants not attending or arriving late to the orientation will automatically be dropped from consideration.     

  16. **Applicants must submit a COMPLETE application packet to Tanya Villarreal, via online submission at on or before the application filing deadline. Incomplete packets will not be considered in the selection process.** 
  17. Submit all of the above documents via online submission during the designated filing period.


Click here for the Application Packet

Click here for the Immunizations Form


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