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Government Affairs Team

Meet the hard-working and dedicated team that works for Texas State Technical College (TSTC) at the Capitol.

 Roger MillerGail Lawrence Marlene McMichael

Roger Miller
Senior Vice Chancellor &
Chief Government Affairs Officer
(512) 647-8792

Gail Lawrence
Executive Vice Chancellor &
Chief of Staff to the Chancellor
(325) 235-7333
Marlene McMichael
Associate Vice Chancellor for
Government Affairs
(512) 818-1473
Roger is responsible for and coordinates all state and federal legislative affairs for TSTC. During each session of the Legislature, he guides the TSTC budget approval process, provides executive leadership with information regarding all laws impacting TSTC and is responsible for all legislative information activities undertaken by TSTC. Additionally, he cultivates and maintains relationships with all federal and state agencies, including the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas Workforce Commission.

Roger has worked in various Government Affairs capacities for TSTC for the past 21 years. 
Gail works closely with the chancellor, providing strategic counsel while identifying and executing priorities to achieve the College’s strategic goals. She also oversees the divisions of Strategic Communication and Communication & Creative Services, in addition to managing the relationship between the College and the TSTC Foundation. 

Gail has served the College in multiple executive roles for 16 years and is President Emerita of TSTC in West Texas. 

Marlene serves as TSTC’s liaison to the Legislature and state agencies. She assists with the analysis of legislation affecting TSTC and with the state appropriations process while overseeing the development of legislative briefs, the development and passage of legislation benefiting TSTC, and the management of interim strategies for the Government Affairs team. Marlene is TSTC’s primary liaison to the US Congress for federal issues. 

Marlene has been on staff with TSTC for just over 13 years but also served as a consultant for the College for several years.  

Joe ArnoldNikki Gonzales Catherine Barbosa
Joe W. Arnold
Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Executive External Relations Officer
(512) 914-3733

Nikki Lewis Gonzales
Director II for
Government Affairs
(512) 647-8786

Catherine Barbosa
Executive Assistant for
Government Affairs
(512) 647-8784
Joe is TSTC's business and industry liaison, working closely with these stakeholders to ensure effective communication on legislative issues. Joe's efforts focus on establishing strong and collaborative relationships with business and industry associations, as well as with individual stakeholder companies that depend on TSTC for the workforce that fuels their success. 

Joe joined TSTC in October 2019.

Nikki works to ensure that TSTC's voice is heard throughout the Capitol. Her primary responsibility involves staying abreast of House and Senate committee activity both in and out of the legislative session, as well as with all legislation which impacts TSTC. Additionally, Nikki and the rest of the team strive to ensure good working relationships with legislators and their staff. 

Nikki has been with TSTC since November of 2012. 

Catherine's duties entail the management of administrative duties and maintaining the dignity and proficiency of TSTC's Office of Government Affairs. Catherine ensures the smooth operation of the office with her robust knowledge of management and efficient handling of administrative procedures, standards and methods. Additionally, she is responsible for organizing meetings, schedules and Government Affairs correspondence.  

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