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Texas State Technical College SOS - General Administration

GA 1.1Board of Regents Organization and Operation
GA 1.10Institutional Memberships
GA 1.13Ownership, Use of Texas State Technical College Name, Marks, Logos and Brand Management
GA 1.14Audits and Reviews by External Auditors
GA 1.15Fraudulent Use of Assets and Resources
GA 1.16Reporting of Wrongdoing or Retaliation
GA 1.17Fraud Hotline
GA 1.18Employee Use of Social Media
GA 1.19Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan
GA 1.2Purpose and Composition of the Executive Management Council
GA 1.20Event Management and Dignitary Protocol
GA 1.21Institutional Integrity
GA 1.22Institutional Effectiveness
GA 1.23Substantive Change
GA 1.24College Committees
GA 1.3Preparation of Statewide Operating Standards
GA 1.4Internal Audit Function
GA 1.5.1Records Management
GA 1.5.2Student Records
GA 1.5.3Texas Public Information Act
GA 1.5.5Information Resources
GA 1.6Risk Management
GA 1.6.1Safety Program
GA 1.6.2Hazard Communication Program
GA 1.6.3Fire Safety
GA 1.6.4Indoor Air Quality
GA 1.6.5Infection Prevention and Exposure Control
GA 1.6.6Driver Safety
GA 1.6.7Minors on Campus
GA 1.6.8Lockout Tagout Procedures
GA 1.6.9Eyewash & Shower Station
GA 1.6.10Concealed Handguns
GA 1.6.11Timely Warnings and Emergency Notifications
GA 1.6.12Small Appliance Use
GA 1.6.13Heavy Machinery Equipment Safety
GA 1.6.14Campus Police Department
GA 1.7Dissemination of Information
GA 2.02Consulting Services
GA 2.1Subpoenas
GA 4.1Facilities Master Plan
GA 4.3Selection of Architects Engineers
GA 4.4Process for Construction or Renovation of Facilities
GA 4.5Building Inventory & Utilization
GA 4.7Naming of Buildings and Other Specified Entities
GA 4.8Facilities Access Control
GA 5.1Information Technology
GA 5.1.1Password Use and Management for Information Resources
GA 5.1.2Management of Outsourced Information Services and Maintenance
GA 5.1.3Information Technology User Account Management
GA 5.1.4Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
GA 5.1.5Managing Changes in Information Resources
GA 5.1.6Data Classification and Handling Standard
GA 5.1.7Information Technology Server Management
GA 5.1.8Information Security Awareness and Training
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