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Texas State Technical College Vision and Values

Vision Statement

Texas State Technical College (TSTC) will be a leader in strengthening the competitiveness of Texas business and industry by building the state’s capacity to develop the highest quality workforce.



Behaviors, Beliefs and Outcomes


Being held to and delivering a higher standard to our co-workers, ourselves, students, and Texas.

We are different because we:
We believe:
We will:

Practice and prepare in order to be excellent. 

Articulate, measure, and deliver on expectations.


We are driven to transform higher education.

The status quo is insufficient.

In being proactive.

To be effective, we must begin with the end in mind.

Deliver results that consistently exceed expectations.

Demonstrate higher performance than others.



Doing what needs to be done and being transparent about the resulting successes and failures.

We are different because we:
We believe:
We will:

Make commitments and follow through on them. 

Encourage and participate in timely, frank dialogue and feedback. 

Hold each other accountable, even when it is uncomfortable to do so.

What gets inspected gets done. 

Focusing on the important tasks contributes to execution.

All actions have natural consequences.

Always strive for institutional learning and continuous improvement.

Establish and earn trust in each other. 

See enhanced institutional growth. 

Experience personal and professional growth.



Delivering genuine experiences to fulfill the needs of our customers.

We are different because we:
We believe:
We will:

Have a positive attitude.

Anticipate, recognize, and meet customer needs.

Are aware of our customer’s needs and are intentional in our delivery of service.

Are authentic in our interactions.

Are empathetic.

Share in the ownership of our customer’s problems and needed solutions.

We exist to serve Texas as stated in Texas Education Code 135.01(b).

Service is in our mission.

We create economic opportunity.

Ensure customers are delighted with their experience.

Always exceed expectations.

Provide solutions.

Always leave a good impression.

Demonstrate loyalty and have lasting relationships.

Strive to meet the needs of our students and the college.



Doing what is right and not wavering.

We are different because we:
We believe:
We will:

Act truthfully and honorably.

Act authentically.

Act consistent with the mission and intent of the college.

Speak up when it may be risky to do so.

Challenge any situation that encourages dishonesty or rewards unethical behavior.

Follow our convictions even if no one is watching.

Integrity is foundational. If it is compromised, the other values lose impact.

TSTC’s credibility and character are directly linked to integrity.

As members of the TSTC family, our personal integrity reflects on the organization.



Always represent our stakeholders’ interests.

Never compromise our brand.

Always act in a trustworthy manner.

Mitigate risk.



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