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High-Value Results for Students, Employers, and Texas

Transitioning to outcomes-based funding was not an easy task. Every process and structure at Texas State Technical College had to change and so did the entire culture of the College. As any leader knows, it is not easy to transform the manner in which an organization does business – especially one that has operated the same way for more than 50 years and, even more so, one that is in a sector steeped in the centuries-old traditions of higher education.

However, the TSTC family did it. Our team threw out the conventional operating manual, pulled together, and rewrote the book on technical education. TSTC not only changed how we do business – we changed why we do business.

Today, TSTC has a single purpose: Student Employment Success. This means we consider a college credential a means to an end, not a goal unto itself. Accordingly, our technical programs are high quality and relevant to the most urgent workforce needs of Texas employers. This distinction among colleges makes an enormously positive difference in the lives of our students and in the workplace effectiveness of the Texas companies who hire them. Just ask our graduates or their employers.

Most importantly, TSTC provides an extraordinary return on investment. We are affordable for both students and the state, and the employment outcomes realized through a TSTC credential are uncommonly high. This means that Texas families thrive. Businesses and industries expand. The economic vitality of Texas grows.

TSTC is far from the largest educational system in Texas, but We Deliver High-Value Results that are beyond our scale. Every day, we change lives, we grow industry, and we make Texas strong.

We are TSTC, and I am TSTC Proud!


Mike Reeser

Mike Reeser

Chancellor & CEO

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